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Track, engage, and improve your social following.

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Account Highlights

  • Discover the most influential people tweeting or retweeting you.

  • Measure your previous day's performance and fan engagement.

  • See whom you pass and who passes you in key social media categories.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Receive social media tips, recommendations, best practices, content suggestions, etc...

  • Based on industry research, observation and historical fan reaction.

Rank Against Other Athletes and Celebrites

  • Find out where you rank amongst other athletes, within your league, team, position, etc.

  • Ranked by number of followers, fans, growth, retweets, comments, mentions, likes, etc...

  • View your ranking for the last seven days.

Follower and Fan Insight

  • Find out who your most influential followers and fans are so you can interact with them.

  • Dive into the location of your followers and fans so you can better target your tweets and posts.

Improve & Discover Most Effective Content

  • Tweets - track tweet metrics by most recent, top performing and see your top mentions.

  • Facebook Posts - see how your recent posts are performing and track your top posts.

  • Improve you content as you track your fan engagement to specific tweets.

  • See the most important fan interaction and respond.

Tweet, Post, Reply, Comment, Follow, Like...

  • Respond and interact with your followers and fans as you discover important tweets and posts.

  • View replies, top retweets, comments and performance in the detail of each tweet/post.