What benefits and insights does each tab present?


Get a quick snapshot of your follower count, reach and follower location, as well as the latest activity for your account. We also surface your most influential followers for twitter to help you manage those important relationships. Quickly compose a tweet or post when an idea pops in your head.


See how you stack up amongst others in your respective vertical. For example, professional athletes can see how they rank among others in their league, team, position, and amongst all athletes. Rank views are available for the most recent day, week and month. (This just opens it up for when we expand to other verticals).

Tweet / Post

Learn more about how your fans and followers are reacting by digging into your own tweets and Facebook posts. Sort by “Most Recent” or “Top Tweets/Posts” to evaluate which content is most effective with your audience. Also sort by “Top Mentions” (twitter only) to easily find the most influential people mentioning you and quickly respond to them straight from the dashboard.


Get more detailed insight into your follower growth, number of tweets, posts, retweets, likes, comments, replies, mentions, and total impressions. View these metrics by day, week, or month and gauge your improvement by comparing them to the previous time period. Simply put, we show you everything you want to know about the performance of your twitter and facebook accounts.


Here you will be able to switch or disconnect from your accounts for both twitter and facebook. You will also be able to learn more about how to use the app and what the benefits of such.

How much does Fan.Me cost?

The current mobile version is completely free.

How far back do my analytics go?

Though some accounts will have a few months worth of data at login, we will begin collecting and presenting your analytics from the moment you login with your account. It’s important to connect your twitter and facebook accounts early so that you can begin accessing your data going forward.

Can I view my dashboard online?

At the present time your dashboard is only viewable from mobile and tablet devices. We are exploring the possibility of an expanded web dashboard, but have nothing to announce at this time. If and when this becomes available, you will be notified.

How do I share my dashboard with someone else?

In order for someone else to view your dashboard they must have the login information to your twitter and/or facebook account. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide who you trust with your username and password information.

How do I refer someone to Fan.me?

We are happy to hook up anyone with the Fan.me service that qualifies. Shoot us an email with your contact information at help@fan.me.

How often is my dashboard updated?

Both Twitter and Facebook analytics are updated in as close to real-time as possible. There is a slight lag due to the collecting and parsing of the data. Also, some data from Facebook, like total impressions, is updated on a daily basis.

Are you planning on including other social networks other than facebook and twitter?

The vast majority of activity and communication for athletes and celebrities occurs on these two platforms. There are no plans in the short-term to include other networks, such as Google+, Instagram, etc. But, as always, we will continue to evaluate.

How do I connect or switch accounts within the app?

Select the Fan.me tab and choose the necessary actions under the twitter and facebook sections. To switch twitter accounts you must disconnect and reconnect with a new username and password.

Why am I required to authorize my Twitter/Facebook accounts?

In order to analyze the social media accounts that users link to their dashboards, it requires certain permissions. These permissions allow Fan.me to provide valuable analytical data and perform actions directly from your dashboard. Here’s a quick overview: Twitter: We request read and write access to Twitter accounts. With this permission, we can access a user’s tweet timeline and can allow you to send tweets right from your dashboard. However, under no circumstance can we view user’s Direct Messages or send out tweets without user consent. Facebook: We ask for two separate permissions with your Facebook account. First, in order to link a Facebook Page, we ask for permission to view the pages a user manages and access to insights about those Pages. In addition, if a user desires to posts right from your dashboard, we ask for permission to post on the your behalf. Once again, we will never post information to a Facebook Page without user consent.

What is growth? (Twitter)

Growth is simply the amount of followers which have been gained over a period of time. In the case of Fan.me, this would be for the most recent day, week, and month.

What is a reply?

A reply is anytime a user replies directly to one of your tweets with your @username.

What exactly is a Retweet?

We count a retweet anytime a tweet is retweeted using Twitter’s “retweet” button OR anytime a tweet is sent using formats such as RT @yourname … , “@yourname …”, or … via @yourname as long as the original tweet hasn’t been modified.

What are mentions?

A mention is anytime a twitter user tweets with your @username. Total mentions is the sum of how many times your @username appears in twitter over a specific period of time. In the case of Fan.me, this would be for the most recent day, week, and month.

What are total impressions?

The number of impressions is the potential total number of times someone could have viewed your tweet. This is calculated by taking the follower count of a user and adding the followers of any retweeters.

What is total reach?

Total reach is the sum of your followers and your followers followers. For example, if you have 3 total followers who each have 5 total followers, your total reach would be 18.

Who are my influential followers?

We analyse your followers to determine who among them is the most influential. This is a good list to pay attention to when it comes to interacting with others, getting retweets, and increasing your overall impressions.

What is growth? (Facebook)

Growth is simply the amount of fans (fan page likes) that have been gained over a period of time. In the case of Fan.me, this would be for the most recent day, week, and month.

What are Likes?

Likes are the total number of times that your posts to facebook have been “liked” by users on facebook (choosing the like button on a post).

What are Comments?

Comments are the total number of times that your posts to facebook have been commented on by users on facebook (posted an actual comment to one of your posts).

What are Shares?

The total number of times one of your posts has been “Shared.” Shares allow facebook users to share content and choose how and with whom they want to share it (their wall, friend’s wall, groups, or private message).

What is Talking About This?

Talking about this includes all of the activities throughout facebook where your fan page is mentioned (likes, comments, shares, check-ins, mentions of fan page, photo-tagging, RSVP to an event on your page, etc.).