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View Performance, Trends, and Activity in a Glance

Dashboard Example
  • Snapshot will give you an aggregate total of the online audience size and reach of your clients.
  • A performance window displays an overview of how active your clients are on social media and how well they are engaging their audience.
  • Graphs demonstrate total social audience growth for your clients across Facebook and Twitter.
  • See a combined stream of all client posts across all social networks for quick and easy monitoring.

Connect and Communicate from One Interface

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  • Send messages to your athletes from inside the app to give them content ideas or reminders.
  • Create custom groups to relay relevant information to the right people.
  • View a history of all messages that have been sent from your dashboard to your clients.

Fufill and Track Customized Campaigns

Dashboard Example
  • Create a new campaign in the dashboard to efficiently store all important information relating to your clients' campaigns.
  • Keep track of all your current campaigns with our custom campaign management system.
  • Review all previous campaigns that have been executed using the FAN dashboard. This will be a great reference for future campaigns.

Compare, Prospect, and Evaluate Clients

Dashboard Example
  • Generate a report that compares the social media influence, performance, and audience demographics of up to five clients.
  • Select key demographical criteria that an advertiser wants to target and find out which of your clients best captures that audience.
  • Run an expansive on any of your clients to see all relevant social media data, including recent performance, audience demographics, audience engagement, and more.